Saturday, October 20, 2012

Heads up display.

Hi everyone,

Since i wanted to start creating more abilities and actually use them the way it is intended (through the quick-bar) i had to start making a HUD. I have some Photoshop skills but i lack on the artistic skills to come up with something nice and consistent for my game. But that did not stop me from having a shot at it. So i started on a basic hud, i am fairly pleased with it. I really like the quick-bar boxes and the round health/mana bar. I added a background which is not from me (alienbreed) to check if it is readable on a blue-ish background which my game will have a lot.

So that is what i came up with for now. I decided to leave this for now since it consumed a lot of time and i want to start adding more mechanics to the game.

So now i have to figure out how i want the quick-bar to function. Perhaps right-click to pick a ability or item to put in the slot. Or go with a more common drag and drop system from a ability window or inventory window. To use the ability the player has to choose a target then a left click on the quick-bar or corresponding key stroke (0 - 9) will perform the ability.

Anyway, i just brought my sweet girlfriend home and have the rest of the weekend to work on the game. Hope i do well and perhaps work till Sunday without large breaks or sleep. I want to make some good progress. Please support me by following this blog and tell me what you think. I will consider all the input from people posting comments.

The following video shows you how far the combat mechanics are developed by the time of this post.

The developer,


  1. maybe you should make the healthbar a little lighter blue or something because it could get confusing...

  2. First i had the health bar red. But that did not look consistent with the design. I agree to make it more distinct from the flux/magic bar and a lighter blue might do that. What also troubles me is the readability with the background, so i might add a background for the entire hud, but that reduces the view of the map.