Friday, October 12, 2012

A new game!

Welcome to my spare time game development project TechnoFlux! But before we jump intot the project and game itself let me tell you something about me.

My name is Menno and at the moment of writing i am 32 years old. I have a awesome but humble apartment in Amsterdam where i live since 10 years. Computers always intrigued me, i have been gaming since i was about 8 years old. My very first system was a ZX spectrum that run programs by using a tape recorder and it was awesome. Further along the path i got a Nes and a Snes. But when i finally got a PC around the age of 12 i started to be really into computers. I played games like Civilization, X-com and rogue: Truly awesome games! When the internet came i got heavily into counterstrike, Starcraft and Diablo 2 but soon after that i opened up for all the other possibilities a PC had to offer. Webdesign, 3D design, programming, etc. But it took a couple of years before i really got into it. I have been a hobbyist web designer since 2006, making websites for friends and earning some pocket change.

I never got far with 3D design so since 2010 i picked up programming, and wishing i had done that earlier. First i fiddled around with a couple of different languages and eventually settled with C# and XNA. Which, to my disgust, is probably going to be disbanded soon by Microsoft. I made some simple clones and prototypes to get deeper into the language.

So now it is time to make my own game, Technoflux. This game will be a hybrid rogue like in a SciFi setting. The strength of the game will be the huge amount of options, randomization and customization of your character.

The world
The game will feature a world map that is completely random, including continents where the player is able to travel to. There will be 100's of places to go to and explore where you will be brought to a local map sometimes consisting of several levels.

There will be a main questline which for this reason can not be that random but i will make it as random as possible. But the aim is to let the player forget the main questline with side quests and even make his own. Making friends and/or enemies opens new quests as well as learning new skills and gaining attributes.

Combat will be time-unit based. Which is like turns but more versatile. Every action in the game costs time the game "pauses" when a player needs to act and continues when done. Actions have a initial time to perform and a cool-down  which makes for a much more dynamic and interesting system then regular turn based games. Depending on where the player is and what he is fighting things can become very strategic.

This is what i reveal for now. So what has been done? Well not much but still a lot considering i am just 40 hours in.

-A basic combat system.
It needs to be tweaked a little but pretty much functions as described above. I can easily add new skills and abilities and most can be handled without further work by a very flexible task handling system. Basically i give the ability some info and it generates it using the attributes of the creature. When a creature chooses to use it it get passed to a task handler that rips apart the ability and does what it needs to be doing and calculating all the damage.

-Map generators
I have 2 completely random map generators done they need some tweaking and adjustment but are ready to use. I have a semi random map generator as well which creates maps much like the diablo series do. This one works nice for simple maps but needs a lot more tweaking for some good complicated labyrinths.

My focus for the next 40 hours will be mostly on the creature classes itself to add more depth to it. I will also be adding much more skills and abilities. And perhaps work a little on the user interface like getting the quick bar to work properly.

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